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Speeches and presentations can seem like the scariest things in the world (except hippos – those things are scary as all get out). With practice, though, you can reduce the anxiety they cause, calm your nerves, and become a great public speaker.

Today we’ll cover 9 areas of focus – including eye contact, body language, speech rate, and methods of practice – that you can improve in order to start delivering great speeches.

The companion article for this video contains a LOT of extra detail, bonus resources, links to videos of great speakers, and even a couple old videos of me practicing speeches (one is pretty terrible). Check it out:

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  1. 13:38, I am not going to laugh at you. People have no right to laugh at each other when they do not know how hard and struggle it can be at the beginning. Thank you very much for the important tips and please keep up the good work.

  2. I'm that one person, interested but slightly hearing impaired that (I suppose) always looks like they are listening the hardest. So people tend to address me mostly when they are nervous and focus on one person. AND IT'S SO AWKWARD!! I'm just one person in the audience, please let me be! 😛

  3. What about presentations that are recorded? Some of these tips won't be as relevant as mistakes can be covered using cuts. Eye contact would be with the camera

  4. I just recently found your channel Thomas, this like many of your videos are great! I'm trying to improve my speaking skills and this video will help a lot!

  5. Amazing video, to me is so hard to make a speech, i'm too self conscient, thank you for the tips, im thinking about make videos on YouTube hoping it helps me with my speech and my anxious and self conscient personality

  6. Thank you very much. Although i have only given a couple speeches, i hope to someday have a podcast or the like of my own, and your tips were very helpful!!

  7. Rate of speech, strategic pauses
    Body language : hands, pacing
    Eye contact w/ audience
    Don't write text but bullet points
    Film yourself
    Know who your audience is
    Focus more on the topic and less on the aspect of your speech
    Good first impression
    Breathe, don't focus on perfection

  8. I practice by speaking with my friends but most of them didn't pay attention to me though the end , what should I do? It lessens my confident.

  9. I found this video very helpful! I really want to improve as a speaker mainly for my channel so thank you so much for all these tips,including videoed and that book! That was awesome!


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