Confident Public Speaking: How To Sound Powerful And Confident

162 Confident Public Speaking: How To Sound Powerful And Confident
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  1. 10 minutes of watching and more F profanity. My goodness, non stop F%# this F%# that. I'm done watching. This guy is ruining any teaching of knowledge he may have. Start by speaking like a GENTLEMAN!

  2. Been watching less than 10 minutes and already heard him using profanity several times, F-word, S-word, and vulgar description "Balls". Right from the gate I'll say this is not respectful, and necessary to use this language. Keep the profanity out of the video, and it will be taken more seriously. It is not professional, and not all people want to hear that language.

  3. This is a really great video….I love the bit where you talk about the first 15-30 seconds of blah blah – I've noticed on my run throughs so far I've struggled with the handover and starting to do my part of the presentation…but I really think this will help me. Thanks again.

  4. I'm a college student with high goals that require public speaking. Always get bugged out when its time to present myself. Now I feel as though I can ace every speaking event because of this video! Thank you Dr. Aziz

  5. While researching for my MA, I wanted to prove that our bodies were intelligent and could be used as mechanisms of protest (track). However, a requirement was that I tied it into theology. So, I created "theokinesis" (kinesthetics)(TK), which is using our bodies and "spiritual core" to achieve something externally that contributes to a greater good of peace and justice. My exercises have never been the same since I actually use TK daily. When I am anxious, I get in front of my altar and do a form of planks to refocus on my body and my existence as a human being. You hold long enough, you eventually are thinking of nothing else but the good pain and the aliveness of it. I speak positive affirmations into my spirit while in this tense position. You drink your protein smoothies after a physical workout, when your muscles are broken and vulnerable, so I speak affirmations during and after my tense plank hold in front of my Eastern facing altar. You are so right about the importance of a healthy body and a workout routine before speaking!

  6. 7:04 I don't mean to sound religious or anything but I just want to add something to what he's saying about fear; fear isn't of God. It's of the devil.

  7. What helps me is just accepting that you just can't do everything perfectly.

    And that it's normal.

    Life is a choice between confidence and ego, you can't have both.

    When you let go of your ego, confidence come knocking on the door.


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