Fear Of Public Speaking – The One Key To Overcoming It Forever


Fear Of Public Speaking – How I learned public speaking and how you can overcome this fear in a relatively short time. Fear of public speaking is one of the easiest fears to fix.

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  1. I have to do a recital playing my bass this Saturday, and I'm terrified. There's gonna be so many people, 50 or so people and I really don't want to do it but my family and my friend want to see me play ;__; hhhhhhhhh

  2. There are a few components to remedies for shyness. One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the Seans Shy Program (google it if you're interested) definately the most incredible blueprint i've heard of. look at the awesome information .

  3. Today was really bad,today was the first day of school and all we had to do was read of a paper facts about ourselves when the teacher had called on me I just started to sweat and it felt like I was gonna pass out or something I could not even look at the class while saying the facts about me my hands started shaking and I could nt control it it was horrible I don't know why I get like this it can be just the teacher calling on me to answer a question and I get like this it's horrible and get worst every year :C

  4. I was fine about public speaking and could do it easily until about 2 years ago, when I speak in front of a class I get literally outta breath, my head starts to shake, its hard to contain myself. I love to add my opinion on class discussions and I do raise my hand to add but I can't talk for any longer then a few seconds or I'll start to shake uncontrollably. I think my Lord and savior is the key.

  5. Hey, my worst reason for public speaking is that when I am about to speak, I get to nervous and then I tend to forget the points that I had memorized. Moreover, I feel that sometimes I will be just frozen and things don't come to my mind when I have to speak. So, how do I combat these fears. Do u think I need to practice anything else other than practice giving speeches?

  6. Six-Zero-Six Defender Of Justice! One of the tips that helped me in a class presentation environment: ALWAYS VOLUNTEER TO GO FIRST. There are many reasons you should: 1. Everyone else will be too busy being nervous about their own presentation, this will give you confidence and you'll realize nobody will be critiquing you besides the teacher. 2. You will get it out of the way and for the rest of the subject you can relax and be happy to be done with it. 3. Because you are first, there will be no bar set in terms of expectations. People will admire your bravery but still be nervous themselves.

  7. I'm not scared of anything yet I'm still afraid of public speaking. I'm afraid of heights but not for falling. It's all comes from some sort of traumatic situation as a kid that you bring all the way up until you overcome it. Now what schools should be doing,p is making small steps rather than forcing students to public speak right off the bat. Don't ask questions, ask for opinions. More likely going to blush over getting a question wrong rather than have a wrong opinion. Because there is no wrong opinion.

  8. What abt those pple who cant access those facilities for practice. Thought you would give some psychology advise like why we fear ps

  9. I work in the health IT industry where I have to present and train providers and healthcare executives. Even though it is part of my job responsibilities, I make excuses so I can have the project manager do them. I am fearfully that I may lose my job after a while. This fear has been haunting since I was 5. It became so bad one time, I wanted to see a therapist. I'm so tired of this…


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