How To Get PAID to SPEAK!


Daniel shares 10 ways you can kickstart your professional speaking career:

1. Study Endlessly
2. Join Toastmasters
3. Ask For Help
4. Practice
5. Deliver Your Speech
6. Create More Speeches
7. Find Your Keynote
8. Develop Your Signature Story
9. Learn The Business
10. Start Charging


My words have reached millions of people.

It all began when I realized I was living far below my potential. After failing for so long in life, I decided I wanted to change. My search started when I found the Bible, which led me to read an wide array of books.

My first business was as a public speaker, where I spoke to hundreds of live audiences. As I improved, I started a marketing firm, consulting company, and invested in several other businesses, which has helped me to attain financial independence before the age of 30.

Since the beginning of this decade, I have reached people from all walks of life. From breakfast with billionaires in Brunei to delicious dinners with dancers in Dubai, I’ve tasted the finest meals in hundreds of cities as I continue to inspire millions of people around the globe.

My TEDx talk is one of the most popular in the world with over 3 million views. I also run a successful YouTube channel which has helped many people start and grow their dreams. My articles have been featured on TIME, Fortune, Huffington Post, SUCCESS, Yahoo, FOX News, and other major publications.

I am also the author of three books, “You Are the Boss!”, “The Winner’s Lifestyle”, and “The Abundance Mentality” which can be found in many countries in thousands of personal libraries. My 4th book is coming out in 2017.

I’ve pioneered several online courses, which offers a unique perspective on achieving personal and professional success. My 12-week course has already helped thousands of people to make dramatic changes in their personal and professional lives.

Since millions of people consider me an epitome of American success, this has given me the unique position to tell my story in an interesting way. With deep conviction and belief that all people should be wealthy, I will continue to empower people about the virtues of prosperity.

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  1. You just too good at what you do, Would love to learn more about similar topics as I have a God Blessed gift of speaking, would love to use it for his kingdom & bring souls to him.. It’s not for the rewards I get but because Its my Gift…

  2. Daniel, you've mastered the speaking methods. This is my 2nd time watching your videos. You delivered valuable knowledges and I've extremely motivated to do my business. I actually started small business of my own for Travel Agent. Am about to quit the business and I suddenly see your speech and it kind of motivated me to re-stablished it again. I've got confidence and have faith of my self to do business and pursuing other things that might helps me to be a better person and have better income. Hope you can share more about your experience and how you first started a business. Thx

  3. Is this how you became so enveloped in abundance? My favorite speakers are people like Terence Mkenna, Graham Hancock, Aldous Huxley, Alan Watts etc etc.

  4. Sir, i want to thank you for your mentorship and i wanted to share the link to my book teaser wich is a living proof of how impactful is your coaching, teaching and mentorship.
    thank you so much !!!


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