How to NOT Get Nervous Speaking in Front of People


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How to NOT Get Nervous Speaking in Front of People

This video is going to make you look good the next time you have to speak in public.

3/4 of people report MASSIVE fear of public speaking! Ranks higher on top 10 fears list than spiders, heights, small spaces, even DEATH!

Problem? Most of us won’t find ourselves giving a ted talk anytime soon. STILL need these tips. Public speaking is EVERY DAY: class, joke w/ friends, on a date, job interview, toast at event, group of friends.

I’ve spoken in front of hundreds of people — planning on doing more in 2017. Comm in university. Created over 500 YT videos public speaking/ podcast to Millions of downloads worldwide. Love public speaking — still get nervous! Five things I wish I knew 5 years ago.


1. DON’T picture Audience Naked
You sicko. Picture them as your friends. Write to a close friend. Talk to a close friend. Use same language as friends. Use their OWN words. No posturing.

2. SLOW down
AVG speaking pace around 110 -150 WPM. Most people get on stage and go 200WPM. SLOW it down. EX: Last mile of one mile each lap feel like run faster than previous. Minimize caffeine before event.

3. Structure
Benchmarks of speech to hit. Small goals motivating. DON’T say “top 34 things” say BIG 4 things.

4. Act As If
Anxious because you see it all GOING WRONG. Flip that. See it all going RIGHT. Sing in public? Go into kindergarten class and ask every hand goes up.

Our previous videos on confidence + CommunicationWB said DC class best investment he’s made.
LEARN about public speaking!


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    This ranks higher on top 10 fears list….

    More than spiders, heights, small spaces

    … even DEATH ITSELF:

    Public speaking.

    People would rather get bit by a spider in

    a small space a mile up in the air and even

    die than say a couple words in front of others.

    Now most of us won’t be giving a ted talk

    anytime soon, but we STILL need to know

    how to do “public speaking”.

    Public speaking isn’t just something you

    do on stage, it’s how you communicate

    with others EVERY DAY.

    Whether you’re making a joke w/ friends,

    on a date, at a job interview, giving a toast

    at an event, telling a story or filming a

    video the tips I’ll share with you in this

    video work!

    Here are 3 tips to get started:

    1. Speak 1 to 1

    You’re not speaking to 100 people at once,

    You’re speaking to ONE person 100 times.

    We get nervous speaking in front of people

    if we picture all eyes on us. No matter what

    situation you’re in, speak one to one.

    2. SLOW Down

    AVG speaking pace around 110 -150 WPM.

    Most people get on stage and go 200WPM+.

    This is not only hard to listen to, but it

    makes you sound nervous and distracts

    from the awesome things you have to say.

    3. Structure

    Always structure what you have to say.

    Using a number (i.e. “the 3 things I want to talk

    about today” or “I have 5 points to share

    with you” etc) allows your audience to

    follow you better. Sort of like small

    goals they accomplish that motivates them

    to keep going.

    4. (in video)

    5. (in video)

    As always, feel free to respond to this email!

    stop settling, start living.

    Clark Kegley

    p.p.s. Look out for my next video. I’ll teach

    you a 4P formula that will help you

    make anyone listen to what you have to say.

  2. I never got nervous in job interviews… if you know the job, can do the job and know you are the person they need… you can negotiate your pay. ☺

  3. For advice. I'm a new subscriber, but constructive feedback: Sounds of this video isn't great hiss before pauses, and camera to close.

  4. People. ….anxiety,
    nervousness, shyness or fear in general… are all individual interpretation of high voltage of emotional energy (is actually fuel for your story ) produced by your body in synchronization to link with the spirit of the task in hand. …here is the opportunity to recognise that excitement and take this energy to get to the next level..a portal to get the outcome of your desires! Own your new emotion and fear no man that judge you with it, after all, we are all human!

  5. I always get sweaty palms, my heart pumps so hard and my voice becomes shaky. I can never get confidence to speak before a crowd. Poor me

  6. I don't have fear of public speaking as long as I have a speech prepared beforehand. Doesn't matter how many people there are either. What I have a problem with is extempore, one where I'm s'posed to be speak on the spot. Tbh, English ain't my first language so that's another major problem. Normally I won't have a problem speaking English fluently but in front of a crowd, I'm fucked. Plus my legs start shaking like crazy so there's that. What do I do?


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