How to overcome fear of public speaking


Cure the phobia of public speaking anxiety. Follow the easy methods to overcome your fear.

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  1. Omg… you all most kill English … you need to learn a lot specially your pronunciation .. e.g. the way you pronounce the word" speech " it sound like Espeech !!! and they are many more you need to learn your pronunciation. Thank u

  2. I am kalaiselvi ,and I want to need your friendship for. my improving communication ,this is my husband email so that I expect your answer

  3. what's scares you, is the main point ,that nobody knows , people always say that they are afraid of public speaking ,but they font know that what part of fear of public speaking they are afraid of ,like, forgetting words, unable to complete speech,onxtime . these are things which are to be remebered while givibg the speech


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