How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking


Watch this video to learn ways to overcome your fear of public speaking. Did you know that 54% of adults ranked the fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death? I’ve professionally spoken to over 5 million people and this is the exact formula that I’ve used to outline every speech I’ve ever given:


  1. I used to have the worst speech anxiety, now I teach speech. I'd say a combination of practice through toastmasters and mindfulness has been the most helpful to me.

  2. I have a problem with trying to evaluate too much while I am speaking, which causes my missteps and increases my nervousness. Before I watched this video i didn't think there were any shortcuts, and this helped me cope with that fact. Thank you.

  3. In School/College/Work :
    Be shameless, nobody remembers literally anything.
    We've to die one day, there is nothing which should stop you.
    Peer pressure ? Let them laugh.
    Live in the moment.
    Talk to random people.

    You're the best.

  4. "Acres of Diamonds" was a great public speech that was memorized and delivered 6,000 times by a great public speaker- Russell Conwell! See it now at "Acres of Diamonds"- Russell Conwell!

  5. Memorize your speech like an Academy Award winning actor! Practice your presentation 1000 times in the privacy of your own home! Yes, 1000 times before your first speech! I bet you will not be afraid after you recite your speech from memory 1000 times!

  6. Talk about things that matter to you! Things you are interested in right now! Things that interest your audience! Think of a Venn diagram, and try to stay in the zone were the three circles overlap each other!

  7. Get a voice coach to help you improve your voice! Get a drama coach to help you improve your body language! And get a speech coach to help you improve your speech!- Vegh

  8. Write what you want to say, and then read what you wrote! Ask someone who is good at public speaking to help you write a speech that is funny and clever! Good luck, everyone!

  9. Everyone should have the benefit of a good mentor and coach for public speaking from age 3 to age 18! Google "The Institute of Oratory" by Quintillion! Read all 12 volumes (free on line right now) with your children from age 3 to 18! Encourage them to practice 4-6 hours/d K-12! – Theodore Alexander Vegh


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