How to rock the stage – public speaking and presentation skills you can master


How many times have you had to sit through a boring presentation?
How to rock the stage is a guide to help you make your presentations more interesting while teaching you the confidence skills you need to get up and give a public talk whether it be to an audience of two or two thousand.
Dr James Whittaker, Distinguished Engineer from Microsoft and Dr Michelle Dickinson, Materials Engineer from The University of Auckland and winner of the Prime Ministers Science Media Communications prize are polar opposites. One an introvert, one an extrovert, one very comfortable on the stage, the other not, yet they both give pubic talks often and tackle their preparation differently.
In this one hour talk, they give their secrets for how to improve your public speaking skills based on their experience and address the difference between both male and females, introverts and extroverts.


  1. James is amazing.   I had the chance to attend two of his classes and every time I was under his charm

  2. Great talk!  I laughed, I learned and most of all I listened, for the whole hour. Nano girl and Dr. Whittaker hit a home run with this one. As a sales consultant, I'm recommending that all of my peers watch this presentation.  Great job guys!


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