How to Speak Confidently in Public with Verbal Fluency – Colin Boyd


How to Speak Confidently in Public is a short and insightful video helping you to articulate what you want to say more effectively.

Colin Boyd
High-Performance Leadership Expert

I want to have a conversation with you about how you can create what I call ‘verbal fluency.’

Have you ever got up in front of a group to do a presentation and it didn’t come out as clear as it was in your head? You wrote it all down, you thought it was clear, then you got up and it didn’t come out the way you wanted it. It’s what I call ‘content muddle.’ Content muddle happens when you weren’t able to articulate your ideas in the way you wanted to say it.

I want to teach you verbal fluency: the ability to communicate effectively your ideas the way you want them to be heard.

Here are 3 ideas for creating Verbal Fluency:

1. Speak your presentation out loud. Don’t just read over it or write it down. Practice it out loud. This will link your brain to your mouth.

2. Practice your presentation at least three times. Whenever you do your first presentation, it should never be your first presentation. You should have practiced it three times.

3. Use cues. Don’t write everything you want to say word for word, because your concentration will be on saying the right word not connecting with your audience. People don’t want to hear a robot speak; they want to hear a human speak. I think if you’ve practices it, then your message will get across. Just have some cues or key points (like 1 — 3 words) which will remind you of what you want to say. This will enable you to speak more fluently, confidently and with a sense of conviction.

That’s today’s tip.

I’ve got a question for you: What’s been most helpful for you in this newsletter? Please share this in the comments below; I’d love to hear from you.

Speak to you soon.

Colin Boyd

Hope you enjoyed How to Speak Confidently in Public


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Great analogy! My mouth does need to be connected to my brain. My brain is quick to think but my mouth isn't able to keep up with saying the right words a lot of times. But at times when I am able to practice my mouth is able to do better indeed! Will make sure to practice from now on rather than just write down what I would say whenever I'm preparing a talk. Write my outline and practice. Play it real! I do like the idea that people doesn't want to listen to a robot but to a fellow human being. Will keep that in mind as will make sure I'm speaking like a human being all the time from now on. Just glance on my notes to take the cue from big words or phrases.

  2. So I've been working with this company for 2 years and I feel like things are not going well with me now. Ti's time to change gears. The tips I got here would help me in my upcoming interviews. Thank you, Colin.

  3. I couldn't resist seeing you for even 5 minutes. You presented bad. Use some graphics….. and your verbal fluency will increase automatically..

  4. I've been studying teaching yourself to speak Mandarin online and discovered an awesome resource at Magic mandarin blueprint (google it if you're interested)

  5. Can I maintain thinker kind of personality, introvert persona and verbal fluency at the same time? Because I like thinking to make sense of things around me, but that takes me away from my all other senses. I don't think speed of my speech will ever be able to keep pace with speed of my thoughts. There is always so many long pauses I've during all talks, all the time. Thoughts gets cloudy when I try to get them out my mind via mouth. Even during writing in my personal note, I need to erase and rewrite many times to make sense of sentences, haha. 😀

    Hard to grab those scattered and cloudy thoughts and make a good story from them. Its kind of loosing verbal fluency with time, because not using it for a long time.

    Maybe it's one part of being introvert. Maybe..

    Thanks for this video pal. Some good points I noted in this video are pretty clear words and nice speed of speech. Last few seconds were pretty good. Made me smile. 🙂


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