How to Speak in Public with Confidence!


Learn to do public speaking with confidence in any type of event in these 5 steps!
We also brought a few special guests along for the video, can you see them?

Use the subtitles if you need them!
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  1. Thanks a lot about all these very useful pieces of advice !!!!! By the way, what about a video on how to give advice with your wonderful British humour ? I can't wait ☺️

  2. İs this sentence correct: While the badly behaved ultracrepidarian kid was wantanly fascinating and gorgonizing yonderly well-behaved kid who had been thrown doubt into his own delicate and sensitive mind, the victim kid had nothing to do and only prayed the portentous condition get metamorphosed during the invocation ,meanwhile his parents were completely unaware of the bad situation of the kid.

  3. Hellp Papa i'm planing to learn english for a three month in the UK do you recommend any intensive school there and if yes please send me a link thank you


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