Impromptu Speaking Techniques : How to speak without any preparation! (3 Keys)


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Check out this video on Impromptu speaking techniques that really make presenting easier. With these impromptu speaking techniques, you will feel confident no matter what is thrown at you! This will all help you get get better at impromptu speaking, how to speak impromptu, speaking off the cuff, speaking without preparing, speaking without notes, no notes when speaking, public speaking!

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Here are some keys to your impromptu speaking success:
1. Less is More
2. Ask Questions
2. Make it Personal

And then the three mindsets discussed going in are : 1. Stay centered no matter what 2. I am going to enjoying this 3. I can’t lose!

If you use these tips, you can guarantee Impromptu Speaking Success!


  1. As a longtime professional speaker and speech coach, I found these tips helpful enough to share with my clients. Well done!

  2. I thank you for this wonderful tips on impromptu speech. I really want to be a good communcator but my problem is that I can’t get my confidence. The butterfly won’t stop. Hope you will help more about the Impromptu speech tips so I will become a good communicator.

  3. Thank you so much for these tips, there is this competition where schools will have to compete with each other and there was a screening in our school in impromptu speaking. My grammar teacher told me to give it a try, i competed against two of my classmates who were also my very close friends. They were both very intelligent so I had my hopes down. But as they announced who was chosen it was me, i couldn't even believed that it was not one of my friends. Now I have to prepare to compete against other schools and I am thinking about negative things, but this will not be the reason why I will give up. This is a very great opportunity for me since it is my very first time to join a competition. Once again I am very thankful for these tips that i will be needing.

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