Improve Your Public Speaking and Communication Skills with 60 Second Guru


Impromptu Guru ( is proud to present this sampling of 60 Second Guru videos so that you can get a picture of the whole 52-video series. Each video is approximately 60 seconds long, so that you can improve your communication and public speaking in under a minute!

These five videos are a sampling from each of the categories: Before the Speech, During the Speech, After the Speech, General Communication and Business Communication.

Specific titles shown in this video are:

• Before the Speech: Do the Penguin!
• During the Speech: Eliminate “Um” and “Uh”
• After the Speech: Getting Audience Feedback
• General Communication: One Cannot Not Communicate
• Business Communication: Communicating for Buy-In

To see a list of all of the videos in the series, visit

Videos are presented by Jill Schiefelbein.


  1. I just love the concept and the content of your videos. please let me know if you have live presentations available outside US

  2. This is great stuff because as a consultant i find my self doing presentations and sometimes find my shaking/nervous.

  3. i like your speech, i like to become like you, i am a chef, and i have good knowledge of food safety, but now i want to become as food safety trainer, please advise me, thanks

  4. i jus came from an interview…..but i was so shy as fuck
    am pretty good in math but my shyness prevent me to get tutoring job in math….i hate may self as fuck

  5. I really hate presentation! It always end up so bad , I'm so afraid at people and waiting me to make mistake. I dunno everything I do turns so bad


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