Inspirational Speech by Student with Fear of Public Speaking


I have just finished writing a book recounting my ridiculous journey to overcoming my fear of public speaking: : In it I talk about my journey, it’s filled with stories of my public speaking woes, and why it took me 12 years to realize what I needed to do to overcome it. Most importantly, I talk about what I did in 3 months that led to me being comfortable and excited on stage in front of 15,000 people and If you’re struggling with this detrimental fear, trying to figure out how to overcome it and want to know exactly what I suffered through and how I did it in 3 months.

Speech was given at Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Business Administration commencement. The Speech starts at 02:32. Please be sure to share this video with anyone that could benefit from the message!

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, guidance, or to ask me to come talk at any events or workshops, or whatever comes to mind at Find me on LinkedIn at


  1. It looks like he is reading it. Not To take anything away from him But The real challenge in públic speaking is no reading, all from memory, notes can be used however just To help move along To The néxt topic or remind You of The néxt topic.

  2. This young man not only gives a wonderful speech …one actually is inclined to believe,that he really means what he has to say,-and that is-by nowadays standards – a rarity.
    Well done and all the best to this man.

  3. I loved your speech! Especially your technique joke, I died of laughter! I have social anxiety and the fear of public speaking and I'm only 14 at the moment. When giving speeches or presentations in class I'll shake, tremble, have a shaky voice and stutter…I'll have butterflies in my stomach the night before. I dread the feeling but you have inspired me to not only try and conquer my fear, but to also work hard and try my absolute best in my 4 remaining years of school as well as everything else I wish to accomplish… thank you and congratulations on your success! <3

  4. I loved this speech!! I get so nervous when speaking in front of my class even simple stuff like being called on to answer a question and I really liked this speech

  5. I completed training in the Lefkoe Method, which has been show to be especially effective for getting rid of fear of public speaking. I'm looking to practice so I'm offering free Skype sessions. PM me if you're interested! 🙂

  6. That was a good speech! you really stood out like a man killing for a trophy rising high and waiting for someone to take it! The speech was really golden (a lot more shiny than mines) and every word you spoken was very meaningful and speaking for success is a real skill to have. Success is a real goal nowadays and time as it is isn't how it looked before the Internet and video games were created and I think focusing too much on one thing can really break success over the other and you really can't do anything about it unless getting it taken care of so it gets balanced with it (and by that I'm referring to social networking and technology over businessing). That is something to focus on in life, especially for those who are struggling in school. I am going to be in highschool after the summer break so it will be a new chapter in life :/ the thing I will keep in mind is that homework will be a thing to expect so it will be a big kick in the ass throughout the school years and it all ends in 4 years! I am going to get my hands on the wheel and steer into the future because things will get crazy if I mess up shit 😀

  7. the nigga pulled this shit off smoothly like a pro , I've seen no signs of anxiety attacks or even mild nervousness whatsoever.

  8. whats your advice………….. if on the top of having fear of public speaking you have some mental issues as social phobia???

  9. Public speaking/presentations is very real. But I find that if you rehearse your speech or presentation long enough and you practically memorize everything, you don't get as nervous as reading over a speech for a few minutes. I remember I had to do a mere 2 minute presentation which I wrote and rehearsed for 10min and I was trembling over my words so much that most of what I was saying was undecipherable. But then I had a 20min lesson plan/proposal in had to do in front of roughly 40 people but this time I rehearsed it for almost an hour a day for 3 days before the presentation. Needless to say, I sounded very calm and composed since I knew exactly what I was going to say and how I was going to say it. TL;DR practise definitely makes perfect.


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