Public speaking for quiet people


Introverts make the best public speakers!
Quiet people usually have the hardest time speaking up, whether in a meeting or in front of a crowd. Our brains release dopamine making the experience stressful and unpleasant and we can feel overwhelmed and exhausted by it all.
This talk filmed live at the Microsoft ignite conference gives some tips to introverts about why they really do make the best public speakers and how to use science to overcome the biologically induced fear response.
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  1. Ive had people tell me. You don't speak much but when you do it's thought out and the whole room listens.
    Ive also had people notice that I'm quiet. Even my boss has said you don't speak much. Bare in mind I've seen my boss about 3 times in 2 years. I don't speak to strangers sunshine.
    Ive had people say they think i have got some kind of beef with them because I don't speak. Silence makes these extroverts very uncomfortable. They talk nonsense constantly and pass it off as banter.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing….. You are a hero.. probably u dont like that sort of dramatic statement but u are a hero to me (a struggling introvert + shy + social anxiety!!! What a combo).. watching this really warms my heart and giving me strength to keep practicing more to express myself verbally. I can't believe u dont like to watch ur videos, u're very beautiful!

  3. thank you very much! it gives me a lot of courage by watching this video. the speaker did a good job for expressing the deep-thought of our introverts! thank you!!!!!

  4. I have a few presentations I have to do for college coming up, plus my friend asked me to be his best man at his wedding which involves a speech infront of about 80 people, most of whom I don't know, so I'm a little bit terrified, haha. You've given me the confidence to do it while supressing my fear because, as you said, it's not about me – it's about the message I'm delivering.

    Thank you for the inspiration Dr. Dickinson.

  5. As an introvert, a huge key is to not only internalize the information but to say it allowed, learn out loud, present it to someone you can speak about anything to like your best friend or your mom. My biggest mistake was keeping it to myself before a presentation.


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