Public Speaking Tips (2015)


Public Speaking Tips // Fear of public speaking? In this video I’ll share public speaking and presentation skills and tips to help you overcome anxiety about speaking in public. From a personal to a professional presentation, whatever the topic, the art of public speaking can be mastered by anyone. Learn how to improve your communication skills with me.

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  1. wow!! Amazing tips!!! I have never done a speaking engagement but I know its coming soon and this was very helpful!

  2. Okay, this video answered to my question about microphone on the other video. Thanks. You did not find time to answer me, so thank you for that too.

  3. Sunny, How would you handle it if someone was bold enough to come up to you after your presentation, or even a few days or weeks later and critique you? Has this happened to you and what did you say?

  4. Thank you for these tips, they are great! It happened with me that I forget to breath and my voice went away. Luckily I have been only recording a video, so I took a little break. I will keep in my to be more aware of my breathing.

  5. Self Concious – Tick
    Worried about what people think of me – Tick
    Stumble over my material – Tick

    So what did I go and do? Take a job presenting!

    All great tips in the video, many I learnt in courses over the years, but had to relearn.

    And my tip? Having prepared, picked the 3 people, breathed, etc, panic can still set in. That's when I go: 'It will start, It will happen, and it will finish. After which I will go home.' That's the worst of it – I still get to go home, so how bad can it really be?

    When I first started, being prepared meant I ran almost on auto, then I remembered to look around, then breath (maybe I should have done the latter first!) I can't say I remember all of what I said, I really was on auto, but the more I did it, the more I felt comfortable with my material.

    A year later I rarely look at my notes, ad lib, interact with my audience more and just get on with it. As a job, it beats being stuck behind a desk all day and I enjoy it all 🙂

    Now? To use your tips and do a video… wish me luck 😉


  6. I agree with a lot of these tips… But sometimes public speaking just comes natural.
    College I was a hell of a public speaker… And you realize that everyone has their own styles of speaking that works for them. Some people liked to stand in one spot… Some people like to pace.
    Own your style!

  7. Thanks so much!! I tend to always stare at the paper and stay tense and never look at people when I speak… and I speak 100 mph.. lol… I have a half-page presentation to do tomorrow and this really helped… and btw I loved the idea of choosing 3 people to look at lol.. thanks so much!!


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