Public Speaking Video Practice


Public speaking is scary. Overcoming the nervousness is the biggest challenge. Before you can learn presentation techniques, you must calm your mind and emotions. You must learn to feel comfortable speaking publicly. How to do it? In this Effortless English Show, AJ teaches you a simple and effective way to increase confidence with presentations. Using video, you can practice speeches and become comfortable. But, you must avoid one BIG mistake when doing this. AJ tells you what it is. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit


  1. Hello can you give me some information to improve my listening and my speech .Please give me names sites I'm from Uzbekistan

  2. Hi JA. thank you for your help. your videos make me perfect but I'm Haitian, I leave in Chile, I need someone to practice English. can someone help me please

  3. Thanks a lot… for your videos…why do you speak only how improve English learning&listening skill?Endless popular words are't involved in your speech.//there are ernomous interesting topics and stories///would be perfect//

  4. why i can understand you every single word … and another peoples talking in english i cant … Is this some kind of magic? teacher´s magic?maybe

  5. great .when someone give speech in public speaking is little afraid to people because every one watche you you flee as anxious and you wander how will it be my speech

  6. Hello, A. J. HOGE and everybody… I have begun those videos yesterday… I completely like all of advise…. Thanks for advising us and we will try all the time…

  7. you are fantastic a j hoge your videos have been helping me a lot With my pronunciation and my listening skills thank you so Much


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