“Speak English Confidently” 5 tips for no more nervousness @doingenglish


“Speak English Confidently” 5 tips for no more nervousness

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■Here’s the free dictionary definition of “stage fright”: http://bit.ly/17NEKF1

Today’s lesson was in reply to this English learning question:

How to speak English fluently and confidently? I have a chance to meet foreigners once a week but … when in front of them, I get nervous and my mind go blank, so I can’t speak English at all. What should I do?

In the video I talk about shyness, and speaking English confidently in a group of people or some kind of social situation.

■ Tips for speaking English fluently: http://bit.ly/1iYbASV

■ English reading and discussion practise (great for preparing!): http://bit.ly/1aNKbE3

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  1. i cannot speak in front of much people and it leads me making a mistake as beginner
    i need a tip for solving this probleme

  2. Woahhh really???for sure??i'm the type of people who can only write and can't really pronounce the English word with well…ah..i'm crying…i wanna speak English fluently like a native speakers does so badly…

  3. I used to be so nervous when I had chances to speak to native speakers, but deep down inside I felt so happy and excited , because I got chances to speak English! I love English so much, that obsession has helped me to be more confident now!

  4. When I try to speak English that moment I feel nervous my mind goes to blind and I didn't say what I want to saying 🙁

  5. Hiii
    Great tips you have given us. I´m intermediate english apprentice. and I never miss one of your english lessons on Doing English. So go ahead and just doing well.
    Take care!


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