Speak English with Confidence | 5 Easy Tips For A Confident Voice | Be a Confident Public Speaker


Here are 5 easy tips and one special SECRET for speaking with a confident voice. Using these easy tips you can learn how to speak English with confidence. This can be helpful for both public speakers and anyone who has to speak to another person (which is everyone).
Try using the 5 tips mentioned in this lesson but most of all, use the SECRET, it will honestly make the world of difference.

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  1. Hats off for you, Anna… your videos are just like gold dust to me. you' re a brilliant teacher. greetings from Argentina. Pablo.

  2. This lesson was very useful! I'll have to speak in front of my entire school in January. Unfortunately I won't do it in my language (Italian), but in English! I'm so scared, but I'll try to follow your instructions and practice a bit before that. This video came out at the right moment, thank you! 😀 I hope your suggestions will be useful for that situation and, also, in general for my everyday life. ^^

  3. More tips:
    1. Use the proper volume (loudness). Many people speak too quietly, this is harder to understand and sounds less confident.
    2. Smile, seem happy, seem enthusiastic. People who seem tired, bored, or serious are not fun to listen to. A really bad fake smile can cover up a lot of anxiety.
    3. Eye contact. One-on-one, you should make eye contact while listening almost continuously and you should make eye contact frequently (but not continuously) while you are speaking. When addressing a large group, I recommend looking just above their heads, or actually make eye contact if you can handle it. Avoid looking at your feet or looking down at notes.
    4. Everything Anna said, especially "fake it".
    5. Practice, you can definitely do it. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a very heavy accent and he seems very confident – he also was Governor of California (the largest US state). He can't even pronounce "California". He was elected governor. The character that Stephen Colbert plays on the Colbert Report is very stupid and misinformed, but he speaks very confidently despite being stupid. Stephen Colbert is a comedian playing a character, but the fact remains that you don't need to be smart or correct in order to sound confident.

  4. Pretend, imagine and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and also embody the feeling coming from that achievement is the biggest secret ever to make dreams true..I agree, you're amazing!


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