What Killed my conversation? Communication Skills & Public speaking Training


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Conversation Killer Phrases & How To Avoid Them? Fix & Improve your Communication Skills | Public speaking & Small Talk Tips for better conversations.

You know what kills a conversation and puts you in the bad light? Some phrases that you use in your public speaking, it’s time to get rid of these conversation killer phrases and fix you communication skills. I am sure you want to be good at small talks and take the conversation further, with this Skillopedia session you would be able to certainly do exactly that. Improve your communication skills and excel at public speaking and small talks by getting rid of these phrases in your communication that kills your conversations are lead them to a dead end.

What is Skillopedia?
This Youtube Channel is dedicated to provide self-improvement videos to stay ahead in this competitive corporate world. Our video library consist of Communication skills training, Personality enhancement training, Soft skills training, Job interview skills, Business skills, Etiquette training and much more to develop confidence and create a persona that stands out from the crowd. Subscribe to our channel to get regular updates of our skill development videos.

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  1. Hello let's talk team I have an Idea for your channel that I think we need to online interaction from another person so why are you open a online interaction system that we have to be able interact you and make our English strong by this method I hope your team definitely work this method thank you

  2. M a subscriber of both channels and observing this since long. 2 min ka lag time hai… U may pay attention to understand

  3. I feel I am boring while communicating to others becouse I dont know how to make jokes and how to make people laugh

  4. The platform skilopedia no doubt is worthful for almost every kind English learners. I am a daily user of these uploaded vedios and I have learnt and even now on the of learning and what I can say I am now able to speak and write in English my own thoughts and opinions about anything and everything but all of these with broken English not grammar based and this is not enough for what I am looking this so it's an humble request please make vedios that entirely focus on grammatical way of learning English. Thanks to all the team members who has have contributed even a single percent with this platform.


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