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How much should you invest in high risk stocks? Personally I’ve never invested more than $10,000 or 5% of my money in one high risk company. I sleep better at night knowing my money won’t disappear after a week. One stock can definitely go under and lose you 90% of your money, but 5 companies most likely won’t go under. Sure you can have much bigger gains of 40% on AMD stock, but losses mean a lot more when we’re using all your money. The best strategy is only gambling with under 20% of your money. A few risky stocks that went up recently were Snapchat stocks, Tesla stocks, and Twitter stocks. They all went up 25%, which is a huge growth. Just one stock that goes down would take away all that profit. If you bought GE stocks last October, you would be down 40%, and it would take 70% in gains to break even again. 90% of traders lose money because keeping a high risk stock is very difficult. Can you keep Snapchat if it dropped 50% and you lost 50% of your savings? A recent popular high risk stock is IQ stock or IQIYI, the Chinese Netflix. Why would you invest in a company you don’t understand in a different country that isn’t profitable? This is a complete gamble to invest in so don’t use more than 20% of your portfolio. High risk stocks can definitely be profitable but if you invest all your money, over time, you’ll lose it all.


  1. What's the riskiest stock you've bought?

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  2. ShineCo, sold it off after their Q. Microcap with a 100% profit from China. Way too risky, grabbel 25% gains and ran

  3. For some perspective on losses:
    It takes a 43% gain to recover from a 30% loss (2000).
    It takes a 100% gain to recover from a 50% loss (2008).
    It takes a 900% gain to recover from a 90% loss (1929).

  4. I make the stop loss at around half of my wages , this give me better sleep since my worst case maybe work for free for a month ..

  5. One of the high-risk stocks I almost bought was AMD when it was under $10. I wish I bought it now because the profits have gone up over 50%.

    Oh well, I just use that money to buy Ely Callaway stocks which went up quite a bit also

  6. I invest 90 percent of my money into AMD 50,000 shares at 2.50 and made like 500 percent return than I use most of that money invested into Aurora at an average price of 2.30 and up like 200 percent plus on that position. Maybe it luck but getting rich requires risk and luck.

  7. I like the "risky" stocks, but i like to buy at less risky opportunities where i have support and good growth/earnings capabilities, good products coming or something else going for them. i cut my losses preferably less then 10% but only had to do it once so far and that felt good after i did it. up 30%+ so far this year! Good video Monkdude!

  8. In stock market, you never can't take off the risk. But, you can minimize it. Don’t forget to use a sell stop limit so you don't catch the falling knife


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