3 Tips To Know BEFORE Investing In Stocks | For Beginners


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  1. Hi Ricky!! I clicked the free training link and it asked me for my email but I haven’t received anything. Do I need to do something else to view the free training?

  2. ricky u r an awesome person…ur ideas a the ones that i always keep in mind..i use my own knoweledge to invest but u r always like my messiah….i learned thinkorswim from u

  3. I'm super appreciative of all the content and guidance you provide when it comes to trading. Thank you thank you thank you.

  4. My geometry game is off, I can do angles but rest of it, it throws me off, if my geometry game was good I would day trade.

  5. I like swing trading. And waiting for the pattern bounce back in support and resistence area has strong accuracy

  6. How did you come to the conclusion that the resistance was at the $8.00 mark? I had a hard time seeing that. I had it at $9.00.


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