5 STOCKS to DOMINATE in 2018


Today we discuss 5 stocks in the stock market that should have a phenomenal 2018. Enjoy!
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  1. cannabis is going to be legalized in Canada
    how should i find out which companies will greatly profit from it so i can buy stocks from those companies?
    love your vids, thanks!

  2. bullshit wyyn resorts is rubbish, and not stable at all, it keeps going up and down and is not safe I bet, wyyn resorts are paying for you to say that it is a good stock to invest in

  3. Hey asshole Apple is not a canbiss stock. Major red flag. Your more like a coke or crack addict. Looking for your next hit. Please don't anybody send t his missdriced Lieingng scum bag a dime.

  4. Amazon also bought plenty a food distribution grower of produce which would affect united foods profit if plenty comes through for them UNF could be vulnerable

  5. Weak presentation on "united natural goods". what's some numbers for this? 100% for over 10 years!! Vote OUT Al Gore and Tim Cook move him to his old position. I could do better presentations than Cook. "Run Forrest Run!

  6. No one invest with tsx;dug or distinct infastucture group. They've made family's with little kids homeless over christmas holidays! Please share

  7. Lol. I would short every stock on this list except #4 because I was not familiar with it…… When valuations are this high you should not continue to chase big cap high flyers. Investing in Apple is absolute stupidity.

  8. This guy didn't say anything insightful. He picked 3 of the 5 tech giants whose values have definitely been realized by the market and his 4th pick (United Natural Foods) was based on the hype of another tech giant (Amazon). Organic food is a trend and the margins for a food distributor are slim at best. He then promoted a company (Wynn) whose revenue growth has been negative over the last 5 years.

  9. No discussion of competitors, no discussion of users dropping off services, or elastic demand in case of economic correction. This is a rather optimistic video.

  10. Hey Jeremy…enjoyed you style and insights…i'd be interested in signing up for your classes however I'm not interested in futures or commotities…rather I need further understanding of more advanced buying and selling tecniques when placing orders or selling.stocks…..ie…first and second orders….Trailing and market…. sales as well as orders…if and then sales and orders…that sort of thing…do you offer insights on how to make these calls…id be interested in hearing back…thanks again..

  11. Do a video on marijuana stocks. Aurora, Canopy, Emerald Health, Aphria etc; all providing some insane returns!! End of a prohibition in Canada, and from a capital gains standpoint one of the best opportunities of our generation.


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