7 Must-Haves Before Investing in the Stock Market


In this video, J3 enumerates the seven things you must have in order to invest safely and successfully in the stock market.

See Full Transcript: http://pinoymoneyacademy.com/7-must-haves-before-investing-stock-market/

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  1. Hiii!!! I just found your ytube channel, and you got me hooked from the very first video I have watched <3 Im still a college student & I have been saving as much as I can but I do not have a steady income yet, do you think it's wise for me to venture in the stock market? Would really help a lot. Thank you!!!

  2. i just started to join the stock market. why is it they say there is a risk in investing in stockmarket? that is why iam attending seminar on feb. 20 about Australian Trade

  3. my friend sometimes 2 years is enough for some stock and its not for some u cant just say keep it for 10 years even warren had some stocks he sold them less than 2 years , and thanks for ur time

  4. Hi J3.. thank you so much! this video is very clear and helpful. You have clearly explained that investing in stock market is best to push on long term goals. I hope you can share some ideas also on what investments or any suggestions for a short term goal like 1-2 years? example if for a wedding or a vacation.. thank you


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