Today I describe the best stock market investment strategy for 2018.


  1. Can you also create a video on what stocks to buy if/when the stock market crashes? It could be useful, since this is one of the well known strategies to be ready to buy when the prices go low.

  2. Hey Sven, what do you think about the marijuana industry? A lot of stocks like Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis and Emerald are doing great. Do you think this is a growth market?

  3. I'm not going to prepare myself too much for a bear market scenario right now. Ken Fisher for instance is saying that we don't have careless euphoria, we are in the phase of optimism. In addition the outlook for economic growth worldwide is good. US markets probably won't increase much in 2018 because the valuation is very high already. So it is possible that people who invested their money in the US in 2017 and had a tremendous year will now look overseas. And maybe that's what we are seeing already. The EURO increased in the last couple of days maybe due to higher demand from US investors. I think some international markets are not overvalued.

    Why should I make my portfolio bear market proof in times of economic growth? If something is going to happen I will know because I'm watching the market closely. And I'm prepared to lose a little bit at the beginning of a bear market. From 2008 bear market I know that stocks don't go down all at the same time, they reacted throughout the whole year 2008. I will have plenty of time to do something if things are starting to look worse. For big players it's a different story, they cannot sell a lot of billions immediatly. But I'm sure I can sell my couple of hamburgers quickly. Secondly I don't have expensive stocks in my portfolio anyway, so those will probably not be the first ones to go down.

    Even I'm a little tired of warnings all the time it's probably a good idea to train the mind. So that I'm prepared mentally when the trend reverses. That's what professional soccer players are doing. They are training to be prepared for all that can happen in a game.

    But I'm not going to miss the trend because that's what I did wrong in 2017. I sold way to early and didn't consider that stocks go up strongly if they started to go up. The market exaggerates in the one direction and in the other direction. So I don't see too many reasons to be overcautious.

  4. I've been reading Jim Roger's Hot Commodities. He started an agricultural ETN earlier this century, RJA. Could this sector be the most undervalued of the commodities sector?

  5. Happy new year Sven. Do you think Gazprom is a good buy even thought the risk is political ? I ended up cashing my EDF stock for a 50% return. I made a scrutiny of the financials, and their debt isn't too comforting.

    As for my 2018 plan , I cashed some of my investments, trying to be defensive and focused on Gold, Canadian Marijuana, and Cash while juggling some cryptocurrency portfolio that already paid me the initial money I put it .

  6. Thanks Sven.I am focusing on Thematic investing.The Themes, I would play are Electric Cars, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security,Internet Of Things, China, India,5G infrastructure etc.I selectively pick stocks in each theme.For instance for electric cars- I am picking Freeport Mc.Moran as all electric cars need copper, For AI I am picking Google and Facebook, For IOT and 5G, Cisco, Intel and Qualcomm etc. This theme based thinking approach has worked well and should continue to work well.Gold Sticks and Mining is one theme, I will now look into it.Thanks as always for your insight.

  7. Eldorado gold my contrarian play. Junior explorers will do well and N American uranium companies. Have some cash on hand off setting the mortgage. Avoiding equities and crypto as overinflated


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