Don’t Invest In The Stock Market Before Understanding DIRECTION


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  1. Dude get to the fucking point already? its 7 minutes in and you're still just talking about "you must look at direction, you should evaluate direction, direction is important, direction is this, direction is that?" Why do people like you click bait and take so long to get to the point?

  2. awesome video Ricky… Im paper trading right now and having more red days than green days but I get home after work and watch your new videos and study one or two stocks for the next day…. Thanks again

  3. Mhmm I disagree with you somewhat. The market moves based on peoples EXPECTATIONS and not necessarily value. Tesla has not made a profit in years, in fact they are bleeding money but you would never be able to tell that just from looking at its stock price. If somebody tells you to buy a stock and there are lots of people telling you the same thing, even if their isn't much perceived value, it might be worth taking a look into it. I made a lot of money from AMD because everything expects it's gonna do good.

  4. This was a great video for me. I haven't began investing yet, and I am saving money at my job while I paper trade, and prepare myself for the real deal!

  5. Ricky what’s up! If everybody would listen to their mentors they will do better in life. Mentors like you Ricky won’t steer anybody wrong. Keep up the great work.

  6. Thanks Ricky, I like the $1,000 analogy and the psychology of it, it can slip up a lot of ppl. Got to put in the work and empower yourselves. Thank you for staying true to yourself and us.

  7. Thanks my dude 🙂 Would love if you can write a book. You're very clear and easy to understand. You truly inspire us, Everyone needs to know about you.

  8. Ricky this is pretty obvious. I'm much older then you and have been trading since before you were born. To be exact 1991was the first time I traded. You may ask why do I subscribe to your channels…. well I'm old enough to realize I still learn everyday. I admire your style and the way you stress personal DD prior to buying a stock unlike many others. I also realize you have such a large following that when you take a position and make it public it can move the market on a stock. You are unlike many others that could easily take advantage of this by selling alerts that work simply by the volume of trades they generate such as pump and dumpers. Its very similar to a pyramid scheme what these other GURUS do. Where as the first to get in benefit and the last holds the bag as the others sell.

    Any trade that starts off as a DAY TRADE should NEVER EVER EVER turn into a swing trade because it went against your plan. A true day trader is disciplined enough to cut their losses. I'm a day trader and that's it. I'm 100% cash at the end of everyday. Your analogy is flawed with your trades from yesterday. Ask yourself this question….. If today was another down day of 400 plus points on the Dow and your positions were heading further south of your red $1375 to the tune of $3200. I you telling all your subscribers that the prudent thing to don would have been watch your position continue to lose? I hope you decide to respond to this because I believe your subsribers would love to know what your answer and thoughts are. Especially if the market lost an additional 2-3%….. thank you in advance for your answer and all the things you do……

    PS I would like to see you make a video explaining the difference in a day trade and a swing trade if you haven't already that is. Also how a day trade should never become a swing trade but an initial swing can always become day trade….


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