GTA 5 – Stock Market Exploits and Tips


Playing the stock market in Grand Theft Auto 5 can be confusing, infuriating and incredibly profitable. IGN takes a look at the best – and worst – ways to earn big by investing fake money in fictional companies in GTA 5.


  1. I did the exact same tip with Cluckin Stock before I came here. Turned about 200k worth of stock into an extra 60k. I destroyed the Cluckin trucks, killed most of their workers, blew up most of the cars in their parking lot. Worked great for me. You just have to do it on a massive scale and the bump in the stock is only temporary.

  2. I also tried to do the method where you sabotage one company in the hopes that the stock from another company will rise. This seems like bullshitt to me. There are much better ways to make money on the stock market.

  3. What I do is I try to spot patterns, for example lifeinvader seems to float between $22.90 and $24. Using multiple game saves so that I don't actually lose money I try to buy at the low end and then as I play the game keep looking where it is and try to sell as it nears the $24 mark. I have literally made millions and millions doing this, but it requires already having a s*** ton of money in order for it to work out for you. Just remember to use your saves wisely, not only to go back to before you bought the stock, but to lock-in gains as the stock Rises. This requires, of course, that you turn off autosave altogether.

    Grand Theft Auto with let you purchase about 10 stocks at a time. Once you go past 10 they won't let you buy anymore. So what I do is go and look at random stocks and see what their chart looks like. If it looks like they are near their Normal High's, I would pass on that. If it looks like they are near their lows, I'm more interested. As I select these stocks I purchase one stock from each of the companies and I periodically check on them to see where their highs and lows are. You would think that you could trust the charts and the high and low information that Grand Theft Auto provides to you, but I think that information is mostly Placebo. The only way to really check is to buy one stock and to watch what it does as it goes up and down.

    It's much easier to do that if you have 10 stocks that you've bought and you could just refresh that information all the time and see where the stock is relative to the point where you bought it.

    So at the end of the day it's an exercise in patience, and observing patterns. Buying one stock of each of the 10 companies gives you a little dashboard that you can photograph with your phone so that you don't have to memorize everything. And then you go back through the ups and downs of the various stocks that you chose that were near their bottoms, and you can tell pretty much where to buy the stock and where to sell the stock. And that in a nutshell is the essence of how to make money not only in Grand Theft Auto, but in the actual stock market, without the convenience of making saves.

  4. Wait till a companys shares are worth nothing and then buy in, eventually those stocks will have to come back up and youll make a big return rate happen

  5. So how this works is. If you invest in cluckin bell destroy cluckin bell. This is how I figure could be wrong but works for some stock for example beanmachine. Go rampage destroy their building

  6. Complete All Epsilon Missions Before First lester Crest Assasination Mission . U'll have about 3.8 million in Micheal's Bank and Then Put all money in Betta Pharmaceuticals and then in Bilkinton . And u'll have about 9 to 10 million with Micheal

  7. I don't understand why Tinkle is on the BAWSAQ side when the game controls the stock via random event. Also doesn't that mean when it goes up for me it goes up for everyone? And how are the other stocked influenced? How does one influence "third-world cell phone coverage" for badger? Lol guess I'll stick with LCN which I'm curious if I can use saves to go back in time n invest in stocks that went up since my last save…


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