Here Are 7 Tips on How to Invest in the Stock Market 💣


Here Are 7 Tips on How to Invest in the Stock Market. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! These tips are from Investor Business Daily. Investor Business Daily does a lot of studies on what works and what doesn’t work – here are 7 tips for success when investing in the stock markets.

1) Buy high, sell higher – this is a common thing and from an investing perspective this makes sense – buying into a company that has a good potential for earnings growth.
2) Don’t buy stocks under $15 – they’re under $15 for a reason but I still think there is opportunity for lower priced stocks.
3) Buy stocks neaer to 52 week highs – again the theme is buying into strength.
4) Buy into strength – same sort of theme – wait until everyone thinks its a good stock to own.
5) Short after a stock has gone down a lot. From a personal perspective I’m cautious about shorting a stock that has been going down sharply.
6) Buy and hold over the long term is dangerous. Stocks can have brutal changes – new companies taking business away from traditional businesses..etc
7) Buy stocks big firms want to own (at good levels).



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