How and why should you Invest in stocks ( Originally recorded for BSF jawans)


In this 1 hour awareness program, Mr Varun Malhotra (Director – EIFS) explains why investing in India’s story makes sense and how to invest in a way such that risk can almost be reduced to zero.

Special Thanks to Mr. S S Negi for shooting this segment. You may also checkout his channel at

DISCLAIMER : These videos/comments and all other forms of communication are for educational purposes only and must NOT be taken as investment advice. The company/institute shall NOT be held liable for any loss suffered in any form by the student/member of public. Any information provided through classes/meetings/books/social media or any other form MUST NOT be considered Investment advice.

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  1. Suppose in SIP I'm investing in nifty index fund at ₹500 every month. Today suppose nifty is at 5000pt and tomorrow it's at 15000pt then I will get less shares accordingly. How I'm supposed to tackle this type of scenario?

  2. Best video ever watched on YouTube. Thanks for sharing knowledge and best part is that u are doing all this especially for army of our country

  3. You are doing a commendable work. In India, financial inclusion has not reached everyone but you are one step ahead as you are creating awareness among those who are already availing financial services such as banking and insurance but fear to invest in the capital market. This could be next level of inclusion for those who have already been part of the financial inclusion.

  4. Thanks Varun sir for Sharing knowledge with us. I would like to share one incident.
    I plan one SIP of infty index yesterday and today I got call from my account manager. He said their is no sense to have nifty index based SIP in your account. I just want one help from you why are they trying to stop me to do investment on nifty index?

    Thanks in Advance

  5. Sir ,agr hm mutual funds k through nifty m invest krte h vo b direct mode m to mutual funds ko kya profit hoga ? I mean HDFC ya UTI etc ko

  6. Sir I have one doubt , you are telling to invest in sensex / nifty but these top 30 /50 company will be changing every year .. then how to invest ? also can there is a way to invest directly in sensex

  7. Sir, thanks for the wonderful session. Financial literacy is the need of the hour for people. Wonderful work in sharing your knowledge.

  8. M surprised this video doesn't get 1Million views….
    Neways those all who viewed n understood are on their way to get huge returns ….but…on a "long term" as he repeatedly mentioned


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