How I Pick Stocks to Invest In


Todays video is how I pick stocks to invest in. I talk about the most important things when I invest in the stock market.
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  1. Hey Jeremy, how soon before a call/put option expires, do you want to sell it? I know it won't always be the exact same for every situation. But in general. A week, month, how long would you say? Because the closer the expiration date, the less it is worth.

  2. One of your best videos ever. This information is highly valuable for anyone (even if maybe some points i knew already) and also it show in a transparent way how you pick your stocks!

  3. Hey Jeremy i don't want to hate, just ask a simple Question. You definitely are an active Investor and you said or you wrote an your book that you want to teach how to make 30-40 % per year.

    I just wanted to ask you because you have startet investing after the crash in 2008/2009 which was the perfect entry to start investing.

    The s&p 500 made in this time period after the crash until today 30-40% per year on average so i wanted to ask you where is the advantage to make active investing?

    I am not hating on you but i just want to ask you if you have outperformed the market? And if you did, how much?

    Greetings from austria and sorry for my not that professional English 😀

  4. GoPro has peaked, people bought them and realized that their life wasn't as exciting as the professionals that used them in the commercials. Now their market is actual filmmakers who use them as cameras. It was a fad and I don't see any huge growth for them in the future. Just my honest opinion. If you guys have any comments please feel free to share.


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