How To Invest In Stock Market – 4 Rules For Investment In Stocks – Part 2


How To Invest In Share Market – 4 Rules For Investment In Stocks for Beginners – Part 2

In this video, I have given an Investment Strategy with 4 simple rules or 4 point checklist for successful Investment In Stocks. This is the 2nd part of two part video series on How to Invest in Stock Market. In the 1st part of this video series, I have highlighted 4 steps (Stock volatility, Stock Fundamental performance, Stock cycle, Stock Relative strength) which Investors have to follow in order to become successful while undertaking Investment in Stocks.

In this video, I focus on Entry – Exit while Investing in Stocks. I have taken up Buy and Hold approach and explained why this method is not suited for all Stocks. I have reasoned that each Stock has its own business cycle and identifying when to Invest in a Stock and when to walk away is key to long term performance.

I then taken up Richard Wyckoff’s Stock stage analysis and show how Entry can be taken in a Stock which is coming out of its Accumulation region and moving towards Mark up phase. For exit, I have given a variation of Richard Wyckoff’s method by including a Moving average for timing exits to perfection.

These videos are suitable for beginners and experienced professionals. In future, I intend to cover host of topics which focus on How to invest in Stocks for beginners.


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  1. Which time frame ur using for long term and which moving avg. it will be better explain wt a real examples and explanation Thx for a wonderful video Which are the best sectors to invest in 2018 for next 25 years. Pl advice sectors so that we can choose stocks thx again

  2. Nice video series.. I have two requests
    1) can u make a video on short term (10 to 30 days) entry exit strategy
    2) can we do 25-25-50 instead of 50-50 as suggested in video. I mean 25% on trend trading, enter and exit as price pull-back and 25% exit as it crosses 52W MA and 50% always hold till trailing stop is breached?

  3. Thanks for watching the video guys.

    First part of this video is already posted. Here's the link for the same

    Leave a comment below in case you have any doubt. Will reply to the same.



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