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While the United States stock market presents plenty of options for investors of all kinds, having international stock markets available to you can open a number of new opportunities for you to pursue.

Whether you’re investing in the US stock market or a foreign market, you’ll want to follow the Must Have Investing Checklist. Download it for free using the link above.

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  1. Phil: I have invested in Baidu (China's Google) and CTrip (China's Priceline) a few years ago. Actually, I invested literally months before the Asian market crash that August. Then, like an idiot, I got scared and backed out. Now, 2 years later, they are back at the levels I initially boght them at. Before the crash, I actually proposed Baidu as a good stock at your May class in San Diego and lost in the round before the final presentation to you.

    When inputting their numbers into the Rule 1 book analysis (which I made a great spreadsheet for….just before your website came online with the amazing tools), they appear to be fantastic companies. Plus, they have an amazingly unique moat: the approval of the Chinese government (notorious for blocking certain websites). But, as you mentioned, there are a lot of uncertainties and many opportunities to be mislead.

    I keep my eye on these stocks, but I haven't re-invested yet. I beleive there is great chances for these, but I'd advise two things: understand the risks and rewards (and the possibility that they cancel eachother out), and (just like any other company) do not buy them at their peak.

  2. hi there Phil! How about outsider from USA like myself wanted to invest in the US market? I am a newbie and wanted to try Trading or investing. Thank you so much!

  3. Do you think people should have a diversified portfolio regarding sectors or sectors don't matter and just focus on businesses you know?

  4. Phil I want to watch your online workshop livestream do I or don't I need to grab a seat isn't the seat for going in person id love to hear your advice thank you

  5. Hey Phil, any plans to get your toolbox mobile friendly? I signed up today but can't access it properly through my iPad. Thx@

  6. For me, the foreign market I invest most in is the US market. I have opened my accounts in USD here in Canada so the only time I get hit with FX is the first time I buy the stock, then as the liquidity (buy and sell) grows in my US account, I use that for my purchases. I do struggle with FX for other markets like Europe for example. I tend to avoid investing there for FX reasons.

  7. Hello, just a thought based on what I heard at the July Workshop –

    I understand the idea of familiar markets and understandable businesses. However, at the Berkshire shareholder's meeting Warren Buffett praised Amazon and Google, of course mentioning he just couldn't see them growing like this when he had the opportunity to get in early.

    My concern is what if the next Amazon isn't here, but in London? Singapore? Toronto? As Rule 1 investor do we just ignore them, or do we go in but with a much smaller investment?


  8. Phil, it was my honor to have attended your workshop in Vancouver. You have really inspired me with a new level of thinking. Thank you for making such a push to help those who want to seek financial independence. I totally agree with your views on investing in markets that we are familiar with. I do also invest in China stocks listed in the US, like Alibaba and JD and Baidu. It feels like Id be missing out on the Chinese market. I know that the RULE1 family does not fancy technology stocks either. Trading options are such an amazing way to reduce cost basis. That alone will help me tons! Thank you Phil

  9. I was told that liquidity in some markets is an issue. Canada's TSX being one of them. I was advised to trade options in the U.S. – your thoughts?


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