How to Invest in Stocks Safely by R Balakrishnan


There are many stock-picking methods one could choose from, but the average investor usually gets in or gets out at wrong times. R Balakrishnan, explains what an investor needs to focus on. He walks participants through the common sense way of investing.

Mr R Balakrishnan is a regular columnist for Moneylife. He has over three decades of experience across banking, credit and capital markets. He was one of the founding team members of CRISIL. He also helped set up Malaysia’s first credit rating agency.

Mr Balakrishnan was head of equity research at DSP Financial Consultants Ltd and CEO & CIO of First India Mutual Fund. Apart from writing for Moneylife regularly, Bala is also part of a group of friends engaged in farming and retailing of vegetables and fruits.


  1. Awesome I am a new user to Stock Market….nice definition not to buy stocks with your dream money for car, education etc…Thanks a Ton to moneylife and you Bala sir.

  2. Plz upload the PDF of the slides discussed in the video it will be very helpful for understanding thank you so much it's a humble request

  3. Its really strange and surprising, Keralites are not exactly known in stock markets, yet one can find quite a lot of them who are on top of the game like Porinju Vlliayth, Geojit George, Balakrishnan, just a few who came to my mind now…usually it is marwaris and gujus associated in stock trading

  4. Towards the end of session , he talked about a movie untouchables. but i couldn't find any movie with that name which has character like mike milken. does anyone know which movie is that?

  5. You need to ensure that there is no static in the background so that viewers/listeners can listen with full concentration. It is highly irritating to listen for 1.5 hours with this noise in the background. I listened for 10 mins only as the Audio/video recording is poor.

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