(How to Invest) Philippine Stock Market Using the Stocks Update (Truly Rich Club)


Get your access to the StocksUpdate: http://www.StockMarketforPinoys.com/trc

For more tutorials on how to invest in the Philippine stock market for beginners:

In this video demo of buying stocks here are the things to note:
1. The broker being used is COLFinancial – they are the recommended broker to get if you have not yet started.

2. The report being used here is the StocksUpdate from the Truly Rich Club. This is recommended for newbie investors so you know exactly what stocks to buy and when to sell them.

3. To place an order during market hours…
– Click on Trade then Enter Order.
– Click on Buy
– Input the Stock Code
– For Order Type Choose DAY
– For Number of Shares make sure it is a multiple of the lot size.
– For Price choose the HIGHEST price in the ASK column.

The system will still give you the cheapest price available even if you ‘overbid’. So its OK to choose the highest price in the ASK column.


  1. how would you read the market if the platform itself didnt provide you even single chart not like in forex mostly of the platform there is providing you basic chart like line chart or bar chart in the most popular one in the japanese candle stick and the platform also provide you of diffirent kind of indicators thats helps you in trading here i see only the traders using only price action saka pag widraw ka dito sa stock my buwis pa ano ba yan not like in forex kukuha mo buo profit mo when its time to take widrawal.

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  4. how often do you send the sam tables. I think that is more easier to identify which stocks to buy. and, can you be able to switch your investment into peso averaging or can i have both?

  5. can a college student play the role of investing in a stock market? I'm a bit curious po. anyway im a accountancy student po.
    regarding that Buy below price, where did you get your reference sir it seems that you can just easily compare the buy below price and the current price. Looking forward for your reply Sir.

  6. good day po sir J3. im now in mutual fund but im new in this, tanong ko lang po paano mag buy and sell nang shares. sana meron kayong video tungkol sa mutual funds.

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