How to Invest Rs1000 in Stock Markets?


If i had Rs1000 where will i invest and Top 3 tips to invest Rs1000

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  1. Hello
    I have a question
    as i want to invest my small amount in shares..
    but in this I want to invest and don't wanna look for years like u said even a short amt 1000 can give u large amt in future
    so my question is in which kind of shares we should invest like equity, prefrence, options futures etc.. I am New so don't knw whether u r able to get wat I want to say.. but if possible plz reply
    thank u ☺

  2. Mahesh Thank you for making this video. It would definitely help lot of people invest money.
    I would really appreciate if you make the whole series , it would definitely provide a lot of information.


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