How To Make $250 A Day Investing In Stocks


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  1. Do you use 180 days for SMA and 15 days for MAE on all timeframes of your charts? Thanks again for what you're doing. I've been trading for a bit but I can always learn more, and you definitely are a knowledgeable dude.

  2. i have a question what website should i use for this? and can i start if i only has 500$ on my bank account ? ps im from denmark

  3. @Ricky Gutierrez, hey man, just wanted to ask if the only way to join Techbudsolutions is via facebook (which I don't have), because I tried it with google, doesn't work, then twitter, also no luck :/Or is it me, living in Europe, Germany the problem? Thanks! 🙂

  4. Ricky, I’ve just requested to join your Facebook group. How long does it usually take until I get accepted?

  5. Great video this morning Ricky, once again…!!
    I'm studying the LPP course and I'm learning lots, watching you on the Learn Plan Profit Live Chat is a great way of complementing the content of the class and by observing and analysing your techniques I'm definitely understanding and advancing. Thank you so much Amigo!!

  6. Conservative I think is mostly risk management and playing the numbers, that breeds consistency and I have developed this strategy because I’m scared of losing money lol still want to thank you Ricky you’ve taught me a lot.


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