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  1. The rant is Good and NEEDED! People need to learn how to do their own due diligence and not be spoon fed. If investors out there need to be spoon-fed, then you have no reason investing.

  2. Hey Ricky I understand many people who are trying to make big money in a short time and do not understand how to measure risks. I really appreciate you educating us about stocks. Thank you so much for changing our life because we do want to make a difference. Thank you for teaching us how to catch a fish rather than feeding us everyday.

  3. Hi, been listening for about a month, your awesome teacher even though my style is different than yours which I guess is your point anyway.

    If you could answer the following, your thoughts on QQQ since you like ETF's and

    What is "your" meaning of covering profits.

    Lastly do you ever talk about cash secured puts or covered calls as I don't have a Facebook account or Instagram to be able to hear or see any of your other broadcasts.

    Keep up the great job your doing for everyone to learn

  4. 'Im not here to spoon feed you guys' LOVE the honesty! Too many chat room leaders that are in it solely for the money, are afraid to hurt subscribers feelings (and lose money). You're awesome Ricky, keep it up!

  5. Ricky, I am glad you addressed this issue. As a member of LPP I see an enormous amount of folks (especially new ones) coming in and asking where to buy, where to sell etc. It's oftentimes like they have CLEARLY not watched your videos – because you have said over and over that we need to do our own DD and learn to fish for ourselves. This rant (although mild imo 🙂 ) was due and I'm sure appreciated for those of us that respect what you're trying to do.

  6. I think that people want answers instead of digging deep into the fundamentals and technical analysis. Practice, practice, practice. If you can't be consistent with $100 growing, then trading live with $1000's is a very bad idea!

  7. Hey Ricky if I join the group is the membership fee a one time thing? I'm really just beginning and have been watching alot of videos and your videos have been most helpful.


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