As that adage goes, “stop saving & start investing!” Today’s video tackles the basics of both these things. Everything mentioned here is in addition to whatever your company does for a retirement fund (i.e., a 401K). As always, investing is RISKY! In fact, given the way economic cycles work, it’s been argued that the next recession is coming in the next couple of years. Whether or not you want to start investing now should be carefully evaluated based on your own financial situation and what your investment goals are.


Mentioned in the video:

Best brokerage accounts:
Free trades brokerage account: (note, I use Robinhood & love it, but compared to the other platforms, this one is barebones… it’s really for people who don’t need a lot of handholding in stock investing. You can use this to purchase ETFs)
Vanguard ETFs:


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  1. You said that $1,000 left in a savings account at 0.06% interest would be worth $1,006 at the end of one year. But it would actually only be worth $1,000.60!

  2. Thanks for the informative video. One note about the FDIC, they would run out of money very fast in the event of any set of major banks failing but luckily the fed is there ready to tax the population (oops sorry I mean print money) to bail out the failing banks.

  3. Thanks for this video! I have a question. You said betterment has no money down for an account and wealthfront has a $500 minimum. Does Vanguard require money down for an account?

  4. Hi Joanna – Do you have a referral link? Since I'm learning about wealthfront through you, I don't mind using your link so you can benefit from it as I'm benefiting from the content in your videos. šŸ™‚

  5. I'm a new subscriber and I learned so much from all the Q&As in the comment section! Love your contents and how helpful you are<3<3 merci beaucoup:)

  6. Hi! I have a question about the actual investing of the money, is it a one time investment & see what comes out of it or is it reoccurring payments every month or every year or something?

  7. With Betterment its required that you deposit a certain amount into the account with wealthfront you don't have to but there is 500 min. Deposit. It's actually better to do Vanguard if you have the initial money to put in.

  8. Very informative video!!! I just recently opened up a Robo-advisor fund with Betterment and I also have Robinhood since I'm interested in individual stocks in different sectors. I wish I would had known this in my early 20's about investing rather then just saving $ in the low-interest savings account. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this subject!! Take care!! You're gorgeous by the way šŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for explaining this! I've been asking my male friends how to start and I end up so confused that I don't even want to start anymore.

  10. thanks for making that video ,is very educating. .. I do feel you simplified it … u think will get me a free tester one and get a feel of this damn thing !!


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