Investment Strategies! The 5 Stock Market Investment Strategies!


Today we discuss investments strategies. There are really only 5 stock market investment strategies and today we will discuss all the different investment strategies.

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  1. I've been practicing day trading on many virtual trading platforms and in my most recent platform I've started I've gained over 8k in just 6 days from starting with 20k. I do check charts but I don't skimp on taking time on properly evaluating a stock.

  2. Hey!
    I really love your videos <3 your guiding me through my financial choices…
    I'm a newbie trader, i make generally holding stocks for 1 day to maximum 2 week.
    So, I'm a really short term trader. Actually I choose this strategy to maximise my profits due to a small amount of money invested. During my first trading month I managed to gain 8% of my total invested cash in benefits. My choices are made by looking a lot on the news of different companies i'm investing, like twitter news, Facebook and also youtube videos.
    I'ld love to have more new stocks videos, you talking about new companies, becoming public or just rocking IPS, or balance sheets rocking.
    Continue making videos like this one!

  3. you forgot a 6th investment strategy, the income/drip strategy.
    your not necessarily targeting growth but rather a dividend payment wich you use to purchase more stock. (i suppose this could be considered a long term investment) this strategy allowed me to purchase a house and is yeilding 10% anual returns in my portfolio.

  4. i do medium and short stock i make moeny buy looking for upcoming flagship products that are coming out in say 3 to 9 mounths then sell out on the day of the relise a also dable in day trading just to keep me active but i dont make to much money on it maby £10 a day tops but i dont lose money mainly beacuse things like oil almost always go up later and erly so i buy mid day when its lower

  5. Do you invest in any overseas companies. I'm based in the UK and interested in a lot of companies listed in the US but FX risk puts me off

  6. I day trade with robinhood app with no fee per trade. Its high risk because I put down about 10k per trade but end up making about 250-350 a day. Every time I have gone long term i end up losing so i stick with day trading

  7. your so energetic and amazing man i love your vids ill always watch your videos man i even turn off ad blocker just for you man keep up the good, no actually, great work

  8. Jeremy, I created an app that makes it super easy to listen to company earnings calls. Would love to share it with you- what's the best way to get in contact?

  9. good work! what about an index fund? honestly look at a broad market index fund returns and your portfolio returns and ask the question, why bother!


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