Peter Lynch On How To Pick Stocks


A Lesson from Peter Lynch , Mutual fund manger , on how to pick stocks that are going to outperform the market and bring high returns. This video is taken from a interactive webpage so sometimes he will ask you to click on options that are not there and the screen will be blank , but the lessons he gives you are still valuable to any investor. 📚 Books by Peter Lynch are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:00 Start
0:22 Introduction to Peter Lynch
0:59 Stock over other investments
3:13 Time horizon
5:20 Your advantages for stock picking
7:10 The key organ is the stomach
7:45 Research
9:40 Growth
10:25 News and the market
11:40 Behind every stock is a company
12:52 Putting stocks into categories
14:45 Growth companies
17:39 Low growth/ cyclical companies
21:27 Turn arounds
22:51 Hidden assets
25:00 Price follows earnings
26:51 P/E
28:48 Dividends
31:12 Balance sheet
34:50 Income statement
40:08 Use your story to pick the right time to buy
43:06 Check the fundamentals/ Use your edge
44:30 Outro

Peter Lynch Books 🇺🇸📈 (affiliate link)
One Up On Wall Street:
Beating The Street:
Learning To Earn:

Recorded: 1997
Original Video Content: The Stock Shop With Peter Lynch
Original Image Source:

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  2. One question investing community:
    When Peter Lynch says in min 20:10 "Don't buy in the hope, wait for things to get better" Does it means to wait for the next quaters, even years to see if the company really did what they said they would do?

  3. I'm reading his book "Learn to Earn" the version I have is dated to the 1990s. It mentions great technology that is no longer relevant, but the basics are still very great. I love the way he dumbs it down for high school age kids to read.

  4. A.B.L.
    Always Be Learning!

    Click the link for a free trial on Audible so you can download 2 FREE books on investing (or any topic you like) and start learning. I recommend "One Up On Wall Street" Written by Peter Lynch himself. It's not get rich quickly, but it's getting rich intelligently!

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