Simplest way of Investing in Stock Market and Creating Wealth


Mr. Malhotra was interviewed by Doordarshan. In this interview he talks about some of the basics of investing money and why people often go wrong when it comes to achieving their financial goals.

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  1. sir i am 22 working as a government official. I want to ask u how can we buy the shares of Sensex or nifty as they are not companies. please brief me on this.

  2. What is the meaning of investing in nifty??is it investing in any of the 50 companies listed in it??
    And if it is investing in any of the 50 companies what if the company we invested gets out of the nifty then in which companies we have to invest??
    It is my serious doubt plz tell me

  3. Sir i want to invest in index funds. Is this mfuindia is good platform or zerodha for direct funds. I am 35 years

  4. When you say invest in Nifty/ Sensex do you mean buy stocks of those 50/ 30 companies respectively? ?

    I have seen many videos of you… this statement stands unclear for me.

  5. Dear Varun Sir, I am a big fan of your.
    Pls explain how am I invest on index on Share.
    And also explain sip or lumsum which one appropriate on today's market after correction?

  6. Sir ,
    How can I invest in nifty index directly with benefits of dividends?
    As we cannot buy index and the listed companies keep changing in nifty.
    So, is there any way that we could directly invest in nifty?

  7. One of best video i saw in my life….
    Sir keep it up….
    Iam also big fan of warran buffet.
    Thanks for you valuable knowledge

  8. Varun sir I’m from Deepak gajrani classes and me and my friends want to do any courses of share market from your institute but I don’t have any contact please sir provide any of your contact details.

    Alok kumar


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