Step-By-Step How To Start Investing In The Stock Market | Everything You Need To Know


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  2. TURO!!! I'm thinking of buying a nicer newer car and listing it on Turo to offset some of the costs. Seems like a pretty neat business

  3. So with thinkorswim platform is there a way to track our success or falls for those 60days? If not would you mind doing a short video on how to track it with an excel sheet?

  4. you can change the amount of money you paper trade with on ToS to match what you'll actually trade with. do this as it's way more realistic

  5. Thank you for sharing your A to Z. Hard to read the piece of paper. Can I suggest using a slide (Msft Power Point, Google Slides or Adobe). Thanks again.

  6. the best choice is to get help from other like techbudsolution, they make alot and it's free. Timothy sykes also gives good motivation. But a good start is to be safe and longterm, always check the history –


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