Stewie Rescues A Princess With Gymkata


Family Guy Stewie saves a 22 year old asian Mongolian heiress girlfriend
stewie and brian invest in stock market, also stewie learns gymkata fusion of karate gymnastic
stewie joins stock market, brian while picking up stewie crashes into consuela’s car and says its one of them and blames it on the traffic. brian upset it will cost lot of money to fix his car stewie suggests that he offers some money so he can return the investment through the stock market, which stewie does. meanwhile peter and the gang run the clam while jeromes away. brian asks stewie to teach him to invest and after making money brian promises every dollar he earns he will give 1 dollar to cancer charity but changes his mind for a ferrari. brian wants stewie to invest in a korean protein company even though it uses dogs to make them, stewie decides to leave. quoting star wars and brian using light saber. brian while caged realizes he might die and thought he would die old and disabled. life is a highway reference is made.

episode info
season 16 episode 15
the woof of wall street

Part 1 Brian Becomes Old And Severely Disabled
Part 2 Jerome Horribly Beats Peter For Destroying Bar

The one above all (toaa)
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