The Basics of Investing in the Stock Market


We look at the basics of investing in stocks and shares, including how stocks and funds earn money, stocks VS Mutual Funds VS ETF’s, how to analyze a stock and several investing strategies.
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  1. For the more "casual invest" would it be a good or bad idea to only buy stocks in companies I pay attention to? (ex. Ferrari just opened in the stock exchange and I already pay loads of attention to their auto sales, dealerships, and F1 racing so I would know if an announcement is coming or if they aren't doing well in their market) Would having an emotional connection to the company do more to cloud your judgment or keeping you alert of changes?

  2. in an up market it's hard to show selection skills and we're going on a 8yr bull market, i think fundamental active management still holds a ton of value in alpha creation, especially in downside protection. etfs are great and most ppl are wooed by their low fees but i dont think simply taking on the ride of the market is the best way to approach portfolio construction; they are, however, great ways to gain specific exposures such as factors or sectors

  3. upto how much can you earn if you invest in the US Stock Market? is it million dollars? the highest amount? please answer my question.

  4. The danger with holding 10 different companies is that if one of those fail, you've lost 10% of your portfolio. If you instead hold an Index Fund, whether or not it's an ETF or traditional mutual fund, you're insanely diversified. Think Washington Mutual. Nobody saw a company that large and stable disappearing overnight.

  5. this video is so so useful! please make more videos on investing. can maybe also make some videos on how you pick stocks and how you value their market value etc.

  6. I have over 100k liquid, Low-Med income. 40k/year. Pay high rent, own car with good credit and high limits. I am playing with Stockfuse (Stock simulator) to see if investing is for me. As of now my money is losing 3% every year and would like to at minimum invest in stocks that will pay 3% year dividends. Your video was informative. Thanks, Subbed

  7. hey credit I am your follower since about 10 months ago and you have helped me in how to use mi credit. thank you!, my question is, What books, YouTube, web pages or blogs do you recommend for begginer investors, I am reading Tony Robbins and I like it, I tried the intelligent investor but itwas hard to understand.

  8. another reason why it's harder to beat the market is because of the fact that, whenever you sell a stock at a profit, you are paying 15%-20% in taxes for any long term investment. If one uses the same post-tax gain to be taxed again on the future gain, he/she will be at a natural disadvantage. Sure, you can sell your losses and balance them out…but that's when you have the opportunity to average down + getting extra dividends. Therefore, I do not like selling any stock unless I really have to. Discipline is important. ETF's are great for almost everyone

  9. Stock market indexes are the way to go for most investors. Find a low fee index and invest. You don't need $1000 to get started. Just buy what you can afford to invest each month. The key is to invest regularly in the index fund. Stock picking is for top tier investors who can gamble on whether stock prices going up or down. These high worth individuals have access to information that the average investor does not.

  10. Great video. Well explained, clear and great information. Keep up the great videos. Can you do a follow up video with more information?

  11. Phenominal! I'll be Debt free soon and will be researching stock market and other ways to invest with some liquid cash. I have been looking for some simple videos to explain basics of stock exchange. Thanks! Please take this direction with your channel and make more videos on this topic. I also follow your previous videos on credit card earnings. Always great stuff Ben. Thank again!

  12. Great video and excellent explanations, you were extremely clear and professional, thank you, Ben!
    Can you please tell us a little more about ETFs? Think this line of investement could be the perfect mix between diversification and safety.


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