The Basics Of Trading Stocks | How To Invest In The Stock Market


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  1. Thanks for the help. I think most intermediate traders/investors can pick up where to enter and where to set exits (stop loss). I think what most have trouble with is where to exit if stop loss is not hit or profit target is not hit either. Basically, how long to give a stock to move when it's not being 'efficient' or just languishing in a range.

  2. Hey Ricky, Thankyou very much for making all videos it is helping alot understanding stock trand. Also, Currently I am using RH as platform and planning to open another trading account which one do you prefer !! Plz Help.

  3. Very Good. Been listening to you for several months. This kind of advice is more meaningful now than when I first started a few months a go. It is a paradiem or ideology for Day and Swing trading and you explain it clear and simple – "Make a plan and work it" Red days are part of the process, just manage your loss. Thanks Mr. Ricky!!!


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