The Trick To Investing In The Stock Market – Dave Ramsey Rant


The Trick To Investing In The Stock Market – Dave Ramsey Rant

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  1. The best advice on market investing that I have ever seen by miles (& I’ve seen tons from so called “experts” too)- hats off Dave!

  2. Hello Dave,

    ; Im a first year college student who has picked A level Business studies as a subject. My teacher has tasked our class to look at FTSE 100 and select a stock to buy shares into – I have a total of £10,000 virtual money to buy shares into up to 3 stocks on FTSE 100. Since I have no experience in stocks at all Ive been researching alot on youtube with no prevail. The person who has the most profit at the end of the year wins a prize and Im a very competitive person, I thought I would ask an expert on advice however.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated, just as an overview my question is which FTSE 100 stock market would be the best to buy shares into with £10,000 with the desired outcome to have as much profit at the end of the year as possible.


  3. 8 individuals who gave a thumbs down saw the word "Trick" in the title and thought that it was going to be hocus-pocus easy.

  4. I agree there are dips and then the market rebounds. But the market goes down much faster than it gains. If you were near retirement and needed your retirement in 2008, you would have been hurt badly. My folks were 70 in 2008 and its taken more years than they have left to rebuild what they lost. Its all about timing. If you are 20, then yes a drop is no big deal. If you are 70 or 75 you may need your investments now.

  5. He shouldn't make a claim it may go down. We could be in another 10 year bull run. Economy and jobs are up. Nothing really bad on the horizon. Lots of boomers playing catch up and young folks know about saving since they went through great recession. If the fed raises rate all bets are off however. Trump tax cuts will be huge!


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