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Most of the time, successful investing is a waiting game. Just as there are poor times to sell your stocks, there are poor times to buy them as well, and sitting on money while you wait for a better opportunity is often one of the best investing decisions that you can make. http://bit.ly/2ITq1Ap

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  1. What are your plans if you think we're headed for a crash? Let's talk about it!
    Meanwhile, if you need to brush up on your investing – download my free Rule of 72 guide >> http://bit.ly/2ITq1Ap

  2. Rising Interest rates is an indicator the business cycle is maturing therefore not too long before a recession; maybe within a year or two. When the Federal Reserve commenced raising interest rates I personally stopped investing new money and with every 3% to 5% gain in stocks I sold 10% of investments in stocks, bonds, & property. Eventually the crowd will change tack from seeking return on capital to return of their capital.

    Cheers from Latitude25south

  3. Thanks for the video! I am an econ teacher actually and may play this in class if that's alright. The last few years the stocks have slowly gone up and in recent months they've doubled. My stocks have doubled in the last 10 months. I tell my students I feel like it's 1928 or 2007 again. Everyone is buying real estate, getting into mortgages they can't afford, leasing vehicles, drowning in debt. Check out BRKB though – the high is 220 and it is currently at 195. I bought some the other day. If the market goes then I will buy more. During 2008 I bought a lot of stocks and my friends thought I was literally crazy. Only a few years later (like you correctly stated) those stocks were all back to their normal price doubling my money. With apps such as Fidelity I tell my students there is no excuse to not put some money away in a Roth every year. Pay yourself first. Again, great video!

  4. I have a more bullish view. The us market has grown severalfold despite recessions and crashes. It’s like waiting for a world war to profit. I buy things that I am hopeful that will positively impact and revolutionize it’s industry while generating great returns. Holding cash is only a very good idea when you do have a large amount of wealth. I’m not going to be a millionaire being extremely passive having 10k in my account for instance

  5. I think that by this October 2018, the market will crash if it hasn't already, and I also think this bear market will be a long term bear market lasting until 2022 or 2025, so waiting to buy at the end of it would take too long so shorting stocks and shorting the markets would make more sense.

  6. Waiting for a crash? Sitting on money in anticipation of same? If you believe this thesis, sell puts! Make some money while you wait.

  7. No crash is coming. Just cuz things are expensive doesn't mean it won't get more expensive. Employment is doing great!

  8. Funny, I swear buffet is apples second biggest shareholder. On a side note, this video is kind of flaky as day traders still make money in it. Maybe your video was made for long term and option traders only?

  9. Nobody can predict the future. Cheap borrowing distorts former market patterns. However everything coming up must go down. Most crashes in the past occurred in october/november. I think we may have a crash end this year or end next year.

  10. I believe the stock market bubble has formed (and will crash) as the direct result of the bond market bubble. Today's remarkably low yields have driven people into stocks and dried up the bond market. I predict decreasing bond prices, thus increasing bond yields. Cash and the VIX is the best way to capitalize on the low prices yourself as well as prosper from other people's flight from the stock market towards the bond market.

  11. Would it make sense to short the market, and get a double benefit on a crash? Perhaps, buy into some of the PSQ ETF, which shorts the QQQ ETF?

  12. Stock market takes the stairs up, takes the elevator down. Dumb money will not be able to react in time to get their money out.


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