Why Should We Invest on Stock Market in the Philippines?



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  1. i wish i was younger to know that this investment instruments were available at least a decade ago. there is no reason why you don't invest for your future.

  2. Hi Sir, I'm interested to join. May I ask regarding the membership, is it a payment that I'm going pay monthly? I want to join, asap. please tell me how. Thanks

  3. Hi sir as domestic helper i have only 15taw monthly in singapore. I have one son actually i want to spend my life in my own family. So my question is how much the mininum to invest in stock? While im here in singapore waiting the right ti e to for good i have an investment in stock? Which co mpany i put up i mean which company are stable that we don't have to woories?

  4. Hello Sir, I really appreciate your vid and your willingness to give hope on every people but whats the reason behind helping people? Is their something that you look forward over 2 , 3 … 20 years unto them or their is something more than eyes can't see? .. By the way thanks for sharing 😀 I'm totally grateful and thankful. 

  5. Hi Bro. Bo have a good day. i am very interested investing but i don't have enough knowledge how to get started.
    Im here in Philippines.. please send me some imformation how can i start to get invest please Bro. Bo. I Pray you can read this message..here my e-mail add nel_tan087@yahoo.com GOD BLESS!!! 


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