16 Quick And Easy Homemade Pizza Recipes | Twisted


Who doesn’t love pizza? This is the ultimate pizza recipe video and you want to make sure you check it out! These recipes are super cheesy, fun, and easy!

00:04 – Pizza Triangles
01:03 – Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges And Pizza Dip
02:14 – Pizza Pasta Bake
03:42 – Garlic Bread Pizza Braid
05:00 – Double Pepperoni Pizza Mac N Cheese
06:37 – Pizza French Toast
07:18 – Cheeseburger Stuffed Pizza
08:36 – Stuffed Crust Pizza Bagels
09:21 – Garlic Bread Chicken Pizza Roll
10:16 – Lasagna Pizza Pie
11:15 – Pizza Churros
12:06 – Toaster Pita Pizza
12:40 – Pizza Hasselback Potatoes
13:44 – Pizza Cone Dip Ring
14:41 – Mini Pizza Burger Dough Balls
15:45 – Giant Big Mac Pizza Roll

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  1. The last one had nothing to do with pizza, other than using pizza dough. It's the exact same recipe as your Bic Mac roll. The others looked really good, though.

  2. I saw the whole video. I have all ingredients so tomorrow's a PIZZA party for teenagers living in NYC


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