Chicago Deep Dish Pizza – Food Wishes – Chicago-Style Pizza


Learn how to make a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! I love NY-style thin crust pizzas, but once in a while I also like to enjoy a sloppy slice of deep dish. So much, stuff. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Chicago-Style Pizza!


  1. That Lodge looks amazing. You should feature it more, and maybe talk about how you got it that nice. Cast Iron maintenance is so controversial.

  2. I definitely prefer the thin crust type of pizza better. I was glad to see you cook your pizza sauce first, that's how I do it too.

  3. Hey Chef John! Just a quick question for you. Will you ever get around to making a Chicago Italian beef video? The authentic kind not the stewed version which was still good though. As a Chicagoan I can say any meat on bread is excellent! Thanks again for all the excellent videos over the years!


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