Easy No Fail Pizza Dough Recipe And Pizza Recipe


Easy No Fail Pizza Dough Recipe And Pizza Recipe
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This is my super simple yeast pizza dough. My pizza dough is authentic and one I’ve used for over 25 years.

I’ll show you from start to finish how to make this beautiful dough. At the end I’ll use this dough and bake a pizza.

If you’ve always wanted to make authentic pizza dough at home, this recipe is for you ! I’ve worked in many pizza places in my lifetime, and contrary to common belief, there is nothing secret or special about pizza dough, it’s a simple recipe, and easy to make at home !

★► My homemade authentic pizza sauce recipe:
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  1. your the first person with dough that did not poof the yest in water first, is there a particular reason for this? does it make any difference? I'm just curious cuz i am in the process of teaching myself the finer points of making breads and pizza crusts … BTW the pizza looks awesome!

  2. Can we make a pizza by using a wheat flour or is it a must that the pizza must be used by using All Purpose Flour? I really like the way you prepared the pizza. Tq.

  3. Very useful give the ingredients in different kind of measurements. I get confused about the grams, ounces, mll etc. thank you, looks like you understand our challenges

  4. Thank you for sharing. I look for recipes that use a small quantity of flour so I can test the recipe, I will make this recipe right now. Baking and cooking is good therapy


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